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The Bite (One Minute Play)

PANDORA and EVE are still, as if posing for a

painting, frozen in time. Their bodies are

luxurious, ready for the palette.

EVE is about to eat an apple; PANDORA about to open a box. A still moment. They decide against it.


Why would you plant an apple tree and then say, “don’t eat the apples?” Just don’t plant the tree.


But you’re going to eat that anyway?


A snake told me I should. That’s not normal, right?


That’s weird as fuck. Don’t eat that.


If I don’t eat the apple, does that mean that you don’t open the box?


Well, the box is different. It doesn’t have anything to do with snakes. Why would the gods give me a box if I wasn’t supposed to open it?


Definitely don’t open that.

A pause.


We’re being fucked with, aren’t we?


We’re being fucked with.

EVE tosses the apple away. PANDORA tosses the box away. It opens.



A whoosh of evil escapes. They run towards the

box; EVE holds it tight as PANDORA struggles to

close it. But by the time PANDORA is able to, the

world has become gray. They look around.

PANDORA (cont’d)

Well, you might as well eat the apple.

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