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We Buried the Earth

The Soviet Union, 1986. The Chernobyl Power Plant is on the brink of meltdown, minutes away from turning Pripyat into a nuclear wasteland. Onboard a secret space station, cosmonaut Luka receives a harrowing message from Pripyat mission control and desperately tries to contact his wife Sashenka, who is frantically trying to save their home. In a country where the truth is hidden behind layers of secrets and propaganda, a dry sense of humor and a bottle of vodka get Soviets through almost anything. But when the truth is revealed, can the lies be forgiven?

Blood and Dolly

In this freaky-deaky reimagining of Macbeth, Scotland is replaced by a 1960s cult. Written in verse, this adaptation follows the titular character as he plots to kill leader Guru Duncan. But Macbeth doesn’t only want the title guru, he wants to dominate his flock. Set in the shadow of the Vietnam War, is everyone forced to follow fate, or is destiny just politics?



Kate doesn’t want to die. Camping in rural Ireland with two friends, she slips into a world of fairies, talking sheep, and a world rapidly decaying as the universe swallows itself. But Kate finds a soap bottle with a message which could be the path to survival. But if we aren’t meant to survive, will we be remembered? And if we aren’t remembered, can we accept being forgotten?

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Phoebe and Minny have spent the last ten years searching for the name of a bizarre French film starring a man and a mannequin, so Minny buys Phoebe a mannequin as a joke. Although the two still can’t remember the name of the movie, aided by their new plastic friend, they start to remember the night that they watched it—a warm evening in Paris full of trysts and heartbreak. Phoebe, diagnosed with epilepsy two years ago, is afraid to love so freely again. Minny, on the other hand, only loves the world more. But Phoebe is the one with the boyfriend, so can Minny heal their relationship?

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The Body

Mr. Body is the anonymous victim in a world brimming with murder. Is it possible to care about every death? Who’s to blame? Mrs. Peacock certainly didn’t do it. 



On Jasmine’s elevator ride to the laundry room, she meets the full spectrum of historical figures, the righteous and the nasty. But no one is ever completely innocent—we all have dirty laundry.



What counts as original? Play-Bot, a Natural Language Processor, assisted playwright Stephanie on her Shakespeare adaptation—until the machine became unhappy with her ideas and finished the play alone. After Play-Bot received rave reviews on Broadway, Stephanie is out for revenge. And she’s got a pair of scissors, ready to cut the cord.


My Little Big Brother

Olive’s boyfriend just broke up with her over Twitter. Alone, she talks to her childhood My Little Pony doll for comfort. But when Twilight Sparkle starts talking back, after her initial surprise she realizes that the pony is soothing her broken heart by monetizing its advice. But if the advice is good, what’s a few dollars?


Voting Pool

Three men are stranded in a life raft in the middle of the ocean, and one of them just ate all the food. When they come across another man in the water, does he deserve to be saved?