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New Play Exchange
New Play Exchange

For A Brighter Tomorrow

It’s 1974. Cosmonauts Dmitri and Yuri are onboard a secret Soviet space station, a tiny capsule miles above Earth. As the cosmonauts argue the mundane intricacies of life—particularly the best way to woo Pat Nixon—they're interrupted by an urgent radio message. Suddenly the fate of the planet rests in the hands of these two unlikely heroes, who must work together to determine the right thing to do in a world gripped by secrets, suspicions, and lies.


Blood and Dolly

In this freaky-deaky reimagining of Macbeth, Scotland is replaced by a 1960s cult. Written in verse, this adaptation follows the titular character as he plots to kill leader Guru Duncan. But Macbeth doesn’t only want the title guru, he wants to dominate his flock. Set in the shadow of the Vietnam War, is everyone forced to follow fate, or is destiny just politics?

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One Act


Phoebe and Minny have spent the last ten years searching for the name of a bizarre French film starring a man and a mannequin, so Minny buys Phoebe a mannequin as a joke. Although the two still can’t remember the name of the movie, aided by their new plastic friend, they start to remember the night that they watched it—a warm evening in Paris full of trysts and heartbreak. Phoebe, diagnosed with epilepsy two years ago, is afraid to love so freely again. Minny, on the other hand, only loves the world more. But Phoebe is the one with the boyfriend, so can Minny heal their relationship?

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Ten Minute



Today is the opening of Nirvandraw’s weeklong seminar, which focuses on spirituality, fellowship, and how to make money teaching other people how to doodle. Nirvandraw co-founder Bethany will share the foundations of the method, which was built upon the strength of her now ended marriage. By the end of the week, all seminar attendees will become Certified Nirvandraw Instructors, joining a company that’s definitely not a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme.

Accidental Immortal

When Aubrey drinks her sibling's immortality potion by accident, Death arrives and gives the solution no one wants to bring to fruition, not even Death.

The Tarot Reading

Four Tarot cards give us a psychic reading about our recent breakup: some have good advice, some bad, and one wants to steal our soul.

The Witching Hour

Each night for the past millennia, four spirits gather to welcome the sun. They never wait to see if the sun actually rises, as seeing the sunrise is not part of their sacred duty. But this evening one of the timeless spirits is struck with the question: does the sun even exist?



As Arthur waits on the tracks for a delayed train to hit him, he's discovered by Felicity, who offers him a brighter path forward.

The Sermon


Jesus just finished his Sermon on the Mount, and his disciple Matthew has some “constructive criticism.” Faith and finances collide as the two argue about the future of the messiah business: idealism threatens to turn to greed, and authenticity teeters on the edge of cynicism. Funny and irreverent, this play shows the fallout when money mixes with religion. And maybe all along, the real miracle was Capitalism. 


What counts as original? Play-Bot, a Natural Language Processor, assisted playwright Stephanie on her Shakespeare adaptation—until the machine became unhappy with her ideas and finished the play alone. After Play-Bot received rave reviews on Broadway, Stephanie is out for revenge. And she’s got a pair of scissors, ready to cut the cord.


Voting Pool

Three men are stranded in a life raft in the middle of the ocean, and one of them just ate all the food. When they come across another man in the water, does he deserve to be saved?

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