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Review: Pear Slices 2024

Bezachin Jifar and Vivienne Truong in "The Tarot Reading." Photo courtesy Sinjin Jones.

Jeryl Moy from the San Francisco Splash Magazine wrote a lovely review of the Pear Slices shows here. An excerpt is below:

"The eight plays showcased in Pear Slices tackled challenging themes and intricate plots in one-act plays lasting less than 15 minutes. Yet, each one, with the help of very talented actors, developed its theme completely and clearly in an entertaining and thought-provoking way. ... Each was like reading a book I didn’t want to end.

The first person I talked to about these plays asked me if they were serious or funny. They asked if they were emotional or provocative, moralistic or for pure entertainment. Simple or complex? My answer to each of these questions was a resounding YES! Within this 2-hour span these eight plays elicit tears, laughter, concentration, soul-searching and definitely an escape from reality while at the same time allow you to study or question everything about your reality. I can’t imagine a more diverse set of plays nor can I fathom how these very talented actors switched roles effortlessly and convincingly. The playwrights gave them terrific scripts and thought-provoking lines, but these actors brought those to life."


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