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Review: Nirvandraw

Flattering excerpt from the Palo Alto Online review of Pear Slices, written by Karla Kane:

Sandy Sodos is a self-help guru whose anger at her ex gets the better of her in "Nirvandraw," by Sophia Naylor. Courtesy Caitlin Stone-Collonge.

Naylor's oddball, one-woman "Nirvandraw" is another time for [Sandy] Sodos to shine. In one of my favorites of the night, Sodos plays Bethany, a self-help spokeswoman for a cult-like pyramid scheme that apparently rakes in profits by teaching others to make money off her patented "Nirvandraw" doodling instruction. Bethany's wild-eyed, frozen-grin facade starts to crumble mid-seminar thanks to the breakdown of her business and marriage partnership.

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