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Nirvandraw Review: "One of my favorites of the night"

Flattering excerpt from the Palo Alto Online review of my ten minute play Nirvandraw, which was produced as part of Pear Slices. The review was written by Karla Kane:

Sandy Sodos is a self-help guru whose anger at her ex gets the better of her in "Nirvandraw," by Sophia Naylor. Courtesy Caitlin Stone-Collonge.

Naylor's oddball, one-woman "Nirvandraw" is another time for [Sandy] Sodos to shine. In one of my favorites of the night, Sodos plays Bethany, a self-help spokeswoman for a cult-like pyramid scheme that apparently rakes in profits by teaching others to make money off her patented "Nirvandraw" doodling instruction. Bethany's wild-eyed, frozen-grin facade starts to crumble mid-seminar thanks to the breakdown of her business and marriage partnership.


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