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Reading: For A Brighter Tomorrow (Broad Horizons)

For A Brighter Tomorrow returns to the stage with another reading, this time three thousand miles away in New York City. If you missed the first reading in California, there is still time to buy a plane ticket!

For A Brighter Tomorrow was selected as the winning play for Broad Horizons Theatre Company's annual play development program "New Voices, New Plays, New York."

Show information:

7:00 P.M., Monday, June 19

Pearl Studios

Studio 401

500 8th Avenue, between 35th and 36th Streets

4th Floor

More information is available here:

What's the play about?

It’s 1974 aboard a secret Soviet space station. Cosmonauts Dmitri and Yuri are discussing the best method to woo Pat Nixon when they are interrupted by an urgent radio message from the USSR: a Soviet ship near Cape Canaveral has seen unusual activity on one of the American launch pads. As they orbit Earth, the two men must do everything they can to find out whether the Americans have benign intentions or whether they are preparing to launch an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) tipped with a nuclear warhead.

Interrupting their work, besides the unstoppable urge to find joy in terrible circumstances, is the revelation of possibly unforgivable mutual betrayals. And, all the while, waiting for their report is the Soviet Union’s anxious leader Brezhnev. When Dmitri and Yuri reach Moscow, they must decide what to tell Brezhnev: their words could start—or prevent—World War 3.


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