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Production: Pear Slices

Performance of two of my 10 minutes plays, The Witching Hour and Nirvandraw, as part of the Pear Theatre's Pear Slices. Tickets can be purchased at

The Witching Hour:

Each night for the past millennia, four spirits gather to welcome the sun. They never wait to see if the sun actually rises, as seeing the sunrise is not part of their sacred duty. But this evening one of the timeless spirits is struck with the question: does the sun even exist?


Today is the opening of Nirvandraw’s weeklong seminar, which focuses on spirituality, fellowship, and how to make money teaching other people how to doodle. Nirvandraw co-founder Bethany will share the foundations of the method, which was built upon the strength of her now ended marriage. By the end of the week, all seminar attendees will become Certified Nirvandraw Instructors, joining a company that’s definitely not a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme.


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