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5 Star Review: "Everyone who attended had a great time"

Dennis H.'s five star review of his Clue Collective show:

"It was a dark and stormy night in Redwood City, except it was late spring and the weather was perfect, but don't let that distract you. The Dame, The Doll, she toiled and troubled in search of the talent that would cover the job, the commitment. We had two score of rowdies from the school coming to the speakeasy so we could quench their thirst and kill one of them. We needed a host that could run it right.

We talked to a few, but only a couple could cut the mustard. The Dame decided on The Clue Collective, largely in part because it was clear The Detective had her act together.

Forty people, keepin' them happy, now that's a job. She and her assistant, a scrappy young Chap with enthusiasm, showed up (on time, unlike the bartender, that miscreant) with a bunch of binders and a story to tell.

As I'm the owner of the joint, I had business to attend to during the show, but I saw how it was done and they did it right. The Detective figures out the crowd enough in advance to choose who should be which character, and then she gives each character a binder with the backstory. The illegal drinks are flowing while the characters get to know themselves, and then she forms teams.

The Chap sets the stage for the story, the crowd gets into it (trust me) and someone has a tragic death, destroying that rug that really tied the room together.

After the unlucky soul gets what he deserved, the teams get together and try to figure out whodunnit. Then the Detective makes her entrance...

I could go through the rest, but frankly that's what you're paying for. What I can say is that they were on time, professional, knew how to run the crowd and everyone who attended had a great time. They are a relatively new business, and if there is one thing I like to write reviews for, it is promoting someone who has a product that exceeds your expectations."


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