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5 Star Review: "Awesome and fun"

Bettina C.'s five star review of her Clue Collective show:

"I had never done a murder mystery activity before, but thought it was an interesting idea for a team offsite/team building activity. I was worried leading up to the event of people not getting into it or it feeling corny/fake, but it was the complete opposite! People on the team raved about how awesome and fun the event was. We only had a handful of people who dressed for the theme, but it didn't make a difference in how fun it was.

I would definitely recommend it and the Clue Collective was a pleasure to work with! Very responsive and helped provide recommendations in terms of how murder mysteries are best structured (ie with a meal). I was worried the morning of if they'd have any trouble setting up, but they got everything done smoothly and were super professional.

Definitely book with them if you're even slightly contemplating it!"


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