Nice to meet you!


I’ve been immersed in theater my entire life: I started by writing and performing terrible (but adorable) sketch comedy at age 7. And as I got older, my writing was still terrible and I was no longer adorable. And then my life continued, and although I will never regain those fleeting adorable years, my writing is no longer terrible. And this is the woman you see before you.


I’ve had numerous plays produced across the country. I like to write absurdist comedy-dramas (sometimes in verse). Which means, really, I like to write strange plays that are both funny and sad, sometimes pretentiously in poetry. I also founded a murder mystery theater company, The Clue Collective.


I love the collaboration of play-making—I never feel alone in a theater, literally or figuratively. My background of acting, directing, and designing has given me an enormous appreciation of what goes into a show. I love to give actors a play that’s worth performing, directors a play worth directing, and designers a play worth designing. 


I hope that the next play you see is dazzling, the next book you read is stunning, and the next episode you watch of The Great British Bake Off is pretty great. I’ve already got money down on my pick for this week’s star baker.

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