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Reading Debrief: For A Brighter Tomorrow

Seated from left to right: Christopher Mowod (Dmitri), Sophia Naylor (me), and Imran Sheikh (Yuri). Standing: Alex Stene (stage directions), Lewis Magruder (play director and Broad Horizon's producing director), Jillian Louis (radio voices), and Andrew Rein (radio voices).

The Broad Horizons' reading of For A Brighter Tomorrow was a rousing success. I've always said that the best part of playwriting is seeing what other artists bring to the work, and the good folks of New York delivered tenfold. The reading was everything I hoped it would be and more. Everyone involved gave my play a magnificent amount of attention and commitment, and their work made the play shine. Praise also to the audience, whose feedback during the talkback was remarkably insightful.

I want to thank again the cast, and also the dedicated people at Broad Horizons: Lewis Magruder, Mark Dundas Wood, and Heather Landry. (And casting director Cindi Rush for finding such wonderful actors.)

Also, my dad came to see the reading. That was pretty cool.

Imran Sheikh (Yuri) and Christopher Mowod (Dmitri)


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